About QNS

  Quality Services Since 1998

Quality Nuclear Services has been providing quality services Since January 1998, supplying our clients with professional, dedicated and responsible technicians. We have a proven and unparalled track record for successfully staffing our jobs.

Quality and Service

  Keys to a Successful Relationship

QNS is committed to the belief that quality and superior service are the keys to a successful relationship with our customers. The formation of the company was a result of that philosophy. Simply put, our goal is to provide the highest quality service available.


  Quality Field Staff

QNS believes that the company’s success is largely dependent on the morale and attitude of our field staff. We strive to maintain an honest, fair and equitable relationship with our team. Our understanding of the importance of recruiting capable, professional individuals to staff our jobs and our relationship and attitude toward them has enabled us to accomplish our staffing goals over the years.