Quality Nuclear Services, Inc.  strives to hire qualified, professional personnel for our projects.  We update this page periodically as necessary to advertise

our upcoming scheduled work.


Available Jobs


Individuals interested in any of the listings below should submit an updated resume to and/or contact us at 877-229-2529 for more information.


Location                                Job Category (s)                                   Report Dates                          Start Date                          Duration

Wolf Creek                              Sr. HP, Jr. HP Techs                                  Mid January                           2/1/15                                       35-40 Days

Memphis, TN                         Sr. HP, Decon Techs                                 As Needed                               As Needed                                 Varies

D.C. Cook                               Decon Techs, backup for HP                 Early September                    9/2014                           Unknown at this time.

Palo Verde                            Sr. Decon Techs                                          Late September                     10/2014                         Unknown at this time.



We will update our jobs page as more information regarding report dates and other outage information is made available.