Health Physics Staff

Commercial and Government nuclear facilities require professional support and temporary assistance to provide surveillance of radiological activities. With increasing emphasis on work standards and procedural compliance it is important to staff our clients with qualified and professional personnel. Quality Nuclear Services, Inc. strives to provide the most qualified, professional and motivated health physics and decontamination personnel available.
QNS recruits from our computerized database of more than 5000 qualified managers, supervisors and technicians to staff our clients needs. We have successfully staffed personnel for refueling outage and normal operation activities at commercial power and private nuclear industry locations.

Available personnel include:

  • Project Managers
  • ALARA Engineers
  • ALARA Specialists
  • Training Instructors
  • Instrument Technicians
  • Radiation Protection Supervisors
  • Radiation Protection Technicians
  • Dosimetry Technicians
  • Decontamination Supervisors
  • Decontamination Technicians
  • Specialty Decon Equipment Operators

For more information concerning Quality Nuclear Services, Inc. please contact Landry Cage or James Byrd at (479)229-2529.