Sponge Media Blasting

Quality Nuclear’s Sponge blasting service is ideal for applications requiring a more aggressive cleaning process thatCO2. It is a low dust; abrasive process that has been very successful in removing fixed contaminates from various types of surfaces.

Blast Unit:

The blast unit is the 400-HP Feed Unit built by Sponge Jet,® Inc. The unit is pneumatically driven and needs no other source to operate. It uses a traditional, certified blasting pressure vessel. It is customized with an agitation system and auger based abrasive delivery system. The operator control panel allows for the adjustment of the blast pressure and media delivery rate. The unit is constructed of steel frame and pressure vessel and can easily be moved to different areas in the plant if necessary.



  • Mobility
  • Low Dust Generation
  • Less Media Recoil (Safer for blast operator)
  • Adjustable pressure and feed rates
  • Less waste generation
  • Variety of abrasive grits
  • Recyclable media

The sponge medias are polyurethane particles impregnated with one of several different abrasives. The media is available in various degrees of abrasives ranging from non- abrasive to deep profile finish. The abrasives used include steel grit, aluminum oxide in several grit sizes, and Dupont Starblast grit. Media types are selected based on the contamination and/or corrosion and the desired finish of the surface being cleaned.

Green Sponge Media
Heavy Cleaner – No Abrasive
Light Abrasive

Brown Sponge Media
Dupont Starblast
Mild-Aggressive Abrasive

Silver Sponge Media
Aluminum Oxide
Fast Cut Abrasive

Red Sponge Media
Steel Grit
Heavy Abrasive


  • Concrete Floors/Walls
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Smoke damaged surfaces
  • Building Exteriors
  • Steel Surfaces (piping / walls)
  • Radioactive Contaminants